A Refreshing Trip to Tea Gumps Antipolo

Ever since I was in high school way back 2011, I’ve been an avid fan of Milk Teas. I never missed a single day without having that refreshing drink which I consider a big part of my daily routine. I was able to see the trend as soon as the milk teas’ industry hype started.
As soon as I started working as a professional, I always make sure that I still consider Milk Teas to be a part of my leisure time. When I moved to Antipolo City last 2015, my fiancée and I usually go out and visit our usual milk tea spot every time we get a day off from work.
Last week, I’ve finally decided to break our typical mantra and try something new. I did a little bit of research and found out that there’s another milk tea place located outside our village. I told my fiancée to come with me and check the place out.
TEA GUMPS is located at EM Gems Building, Circumferential Road, San Roque, Antipolo City. They’re open Mondays to Sundays, from 8AM to 12MN. One of the good things about this place? It’s open EVERY DAY! What a huge convenience, right?
When we entered the place, I must say that I was impressed due to its lively ambiance. The place was definitely well-maintained. The tables inside the store were properly arranged and even the tables outside were clean. In addition to that, my fiancée was also fascinated due to the fact that the music they played were all a part of his favorite playlist!
The staff who took my order was very accommodating. She even gave us suggestions what to order. I like the way she promoted their best-seller. Lol! Anyway, I ordered a Dark Chocolate Milk Tea (iced) while my love had their Wintermelon Milk Tea (blended). What makes this milktea spot unique was they actually had the option to have your drink the usual way, or have it in somewhat like a ‘Frappe’ style drink.
For just P190, we had a marvelous time. The entire package offered relaxation that you can’t find almost anywhere. They also had food available, too. However, we didn’t order anything to eat due to the fact that we had our dinner at home.
I recommend this place to everybody who loves to spend some leisure time without spending too much. With the music, good staff, and the perfect ambiance, you will definitely get that mood set and make your time worthwhile.
Will we ever go back again? Definitely yes!

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